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Wyoming Mother and Child Program

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Wyoming Mother and Child Program

The once empty brick building originally built in 1984 and used for work release and intensive treatment at the Wyoming Women’s Center was repurposed to be used for the Mother and Child Program.

The Wyoming Mother and Child Program allows mothers to care for their children in an environment that mimics life on the outside, but also provides the mothers with required parenting classes while they remain incarcerated. The 4,200 SF building was renovated to complete the needs of the program, which included new walls, flooring, ceiling, new roof, a heating and cooling system, new windows and doors, stucco, and site work. The building has eleven sleeping rooms, three restrooms with shower facilities, a kitchen, laundry room, and common living room, two staff rooms, a storage room, mechanical room and an area for play/dining/classrooms. The building has a security system in and around the building which includes fencing and video cameras.

Project Details

End Use:
Lusk, Wyoming
4,200 SF Renovation
Design Bid Build
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