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Stuhr Mueseum of the Prairie Pioneer

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Stuhr Mueseum of the Prairie Pioneer

Designed by the renowned Edward Durell Stone, Stuhr Museum has been carefully conserved since its original construction in the early 1960s, and continues to stay true to its mission to “preserve and portray the inspiring era of the pioneer town builders who created the first communities in Nebraska.” Sampson Construction began renovations in early 2014 to maintain the original beauty of the site and architectural concepts, while providing necessary functionality updates.

After a complete demolition of existing mechanical systems and non-structural walls, new boilers, chiller, air handlers, restrooms, food prep areas, and electric, water and mechanical systems were added to the Museum. The project location presented a bit of a challenge – the only access to the site is by means of a bridge as the Museum is situated on an island, surrounded by a moat. Due to the logistical limitations, several of the mechanical service upgrades required water, electrical and fire department lines to be bored below the moat. Key architectural features such as four pools on the main floor, terrazzo flooring and two spiral staircases were to remain untouched while applying new plaster and paint to the pyramid shaped dome above. The exterior façade received a new coating of acrylic polymer plaster, a standing seam roof on the dome and a fully adhered EPDM roof. Unique portions of the project include the replacement of four diamond shaped skylights in the dome as well as a ring of precast around the upper edge of the building exterior featuring 305 3’x3’ panels, each bearing the Stuhr trademark.

Project Details

End Use:
Grand Island, Nebraska
25,400 SF
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