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Student Housing Townhomes | Nebraska Wesleyan University

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Student Housing Townhomes | Nebraska Wesleyan University

Sampson Construction encountered inclement weather at the beginning of the Nebraska Wesleyan Townhouse Village project, however, the development of a storm drainage plan for construction was what made this project a success. Another challenge for this project was the restrictive site and staging areas, which required critical planning for deliveries while working around on-campus traffic.

The Nebraska Wesleyan University Townhomes offers students apartment like amenities for 120 beds located in 5 separate buildings. The buildings consisted of wood stud framing, brick veneer and cement board siding. The Townhouse Village offers a student living option in this 30 unit complex on the northeast corner of the Nebraska Wesleyan campus. Each unit is furnished with appliances, a full kitchen, four private bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The Townhomes and Heim/White Halls were built simultaneously.

Project Details

End Use:
Lincoln, Nebraska
54,000 SF New
Construction Manager at Risk
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