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State Penitentiary Dormitories

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State Penitentiary Dormitories

In 1998, due to the lack of space for inmate housing, the Nebraska State Penitentiary hired Sampson to add housing units to the facility. This project resulted in the additional housing for more than 200 inmates.

An existing dormitory building constructed in the 1950's was retained as a medium security facility and two new 100 bed dormitory units were opened in 1998. A thirty-six bed control unit also built in the 1950's continues to serve as a high security segregation facility. The Industries Plant, Laundry, Religious Center and other support buildings were retained from the older facility as well. The inmate population at the NSP consists primarily of inmates ranging in ages from 21 and older who are serving sentences of varying length. The Nebraska State Penitentiary uses the Unit Management concept designed to improve control and staff/inmate relationships by dividing the larger institution population into smaller, more manageable groups and to improve and personalize the delivery of rehabilitative services.

Project Details

End Use:
Lincoln, Nebraska
30,000 SF New
Design Bid Build
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