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Southeast Community College Student Housing

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Southeast Community College Student Housing

Our team had the privilege of constructing four student housing facilities for Southeast Community College. These projects included a total of  82 student housing units and were completed over a 11 year span.

A unique feature of the SCC Student Housing complexes includes a secured access system. The first project was completed in August 2001 and is comprised of a 24 unit student housing complex. Eighteen units are two bedroom and six are one bedroom units. Due to students moving into this complex for the 2001 school year, the completion date was vital. The second project was completed in September 2001. It is located a few blocks from campus. This student housing was created with families in mind. This complex can hold up to 10 families and contains two bedroom and three bedroom units. Sampson was involved early in the design phase of the project and this contributed significantly to cost savings for the Southeast Community College. The third project was completed in October 2004 and the fourth project was completed October 2012. Their design and layout is very similar to the first complex, which lead to the projects' contract being design/build. The 24 unit student housing complexes are located within the campus grounds for convenience.

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