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Seward Elementary School

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Seward Elementary School

Sampson Construction completed the Seward Elementary school in the 1980’s and returned in the Fall of 2013 for renovations and addition.

The Seward Elementary additions and renovations included a 3,000 SF north side addition used for kitchen/dining and multipurpose room space and a 3,900 SF east side addition, including four classrooms and a special education restroom. The 2,800 SF south side addition houses two classrooms. The construction occurred while the building was occupied, including updating the fire alarm panel and updating old mechanical equipment, all while keeping the building operational. Construction continued through the winter months. Deliveries were scheduled while students were not entering or exiting the the school. Egress responsibilites were covered during construction on three sides of the facility simultaneoulsy. There were collaboration meetings between owner, state and local entities on a bi-weekly meetings and daily as necessary.

Project Details

End Use:
Seward, Nebraska
12,800 SF New; 68,280 SF Renovation
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