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Pfizer, Inc.



Pfizer, Inc.

Our firm completed a variety of projects on the Pfizer Animal Health campus that spanned from 1998 to 2007. The 135 projects have varied from door relocations to renovations such as the bulk biological for incubator rooms, viral labs, as well as bacteria fermentation.

Sampson Construction has continually provided construction management services on the Pfizer Animal Health campus. The majority of the projects listed below were completed in phases. This work has spanned nearly 20 years and totaled 135 projects. We have provided campus support that goes beyond the projects listed below. This work includes various infrastructure projects that span from one side of the campus to the other from office, distribution, warehouse, cafeteria, locker rooms, and central plant upgrades. These upgrades include boilers, chillers, air handling replacements, and clean water systems.

Project experience: (Partial List)

Bulk Biological Facility: Stand alone 150,000 SF EU validated facilitiy for liquid bio and viral maufacturing. Included process piping and controls for manufacturing process, $18 million

Unit 10: 100,000 SF four-story tablet manufacuting facility which included blenders, presses, and complete package lines

Unit 11: 12,000 SF project that provided lab space for plant research and development. Included bio hoods and critical separation for HVAC systems

Paste Manufacturing: Created a new space within the exisiting building to bring in a new paste manufacturing operation from the east coast. Included high level of cleanliness for operation.

VMRD Production Addition: This 14,475 SF project combined 3 systems in one building - Viral Bioreactor Lab (#1), Fill Finish with capping room (#2), and Bacterial Production Area (#3). Included piping and controls for manufacturing process and high level of cleanliness for operation, • Isolator Testing Module: 2,000 SF

Knolls Renovation: 8,700 SF

Lyopholizer: 2,000 SF

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End Use:
Lincoln, Nebraska
(Varied by Project) 500 SF - 150,000 SF
Construction Manager
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