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O'Neill Public Schools Addition and Renovation

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O'Neill Public Schools Addition and Renovation

The O’Neill Elementary School recently received an addition and renovation that alleviated space issues. The project added classrooms and renovations that seamlessly connected the new space to the existing.

O’Neill Elementary School’s growing enrollment made way for a much needed campus expansion for this Northwestern Nebraska school. The 11,000 SF addition and renovation broke ground in May 2011. The addition included eight classrooms and renovation work that was necessary to adhere the addition to the existing building. Site improvements were also planned for the elementary school including site preparation, surface drainage improvements, and repaved walks and drives. The existing playground was relocated to make space for the new classroom addition. The addition will match existing construction with wood roof trusses and brick veneer over load bearing metal studs.

Project Details

End Use:
O'Neill, Nebraska
11,000 SF New; 1,200 SF Renovation
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Construction Manager
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