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Major Maintenance SFSF

This Major Maintenance SFSF project on the University of Wyoming campus included renovations that included 10 on-campus buildings and over 1 million square feet. This project represents a major renovation that will affect over 1.2 million SF of the campus.

The purpose of this project was to meet the needs of several renovations that were scattered throughout the University of Wyoming’s campus. This project was fast-tracked and completed in less than a year. The campus and each of the 10 identified buildings that were a part of this project were all occupied during construction. The renovations included a variety of physical and building system improvements. The following scope of work includes (but not limited to) the following:

Architectural Systems: ADA improvements, finishes related to building systems modifications, acoustical improvements in classrooms and laboratories, laboratory hood replacements, minor reconfiguration of spaces.

Mechanical Systems: Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, energy management and control systems, domestic hot water systems, distribution systems, steam and chilled water, laboratory hood exhaust systems, heat recovery systems, and natural ventilation strategies.

Building envelope systems: Windows, insulation, weatherization, etc. Lighting systems, Water and Sewage Systems, and Safety System controls, improvements, and modifications.

Agriculture Building ‘C’ : 221,779 SF
Animal Science: 93,631 SF
Arts and Sciences: 106,076 SF
Aven Nelson & William Conservatory: 41,632 SF
Biological Sciences: 205,350 SF
Engineering: 330,980 SF
Geology: 20,280 SF
Health Sciences Center: 124,348 SF
Pharmacy: 52,397 SF
Hoyt Hall: 29,939 SF
Physical Sciences: 179,777 SF

Project Details

End Use:
Laramie, Wyoming
1.2 Million SF Renovation
Higher Education
Construction Manager at Risk
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