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Lumberworks Parking Garage

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Lumberworks Parking Garage

Sandwiched between Harris Overpass and an LES electrical substation, Sampson Construction constructed a five level parking garage within a thirteen month schedule.

The 164,000 SF cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete structure has a capacity of 509 stalls in the garage and 25 surface lot stalls. Included in the facility are a storage room, electrical and mechanical rooms, and a public restroom. The two elevators are located within the precast concrete stair towers with storefront and curtainwall features. The parking garage, located in the Haymarket District, will serve the surrounding businesses as well as event parking for the activities in the area. The design of the garage will emulate many of the architectural features of the historic Haymarket District through the use of precast concrete spandrel pieces and façade, precast concrete features with thin brick and wood pattern form liners, metal panel accent and security panels. The west side of the Lumberworks Parking Garage was designed to accommodate future attached buildings. One unique feature of the facility is the use of a “green wall” that will utilize planters mounted to the building exterior and plants are allowed to drape over the side of the building.

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End Use:
Lincoln, Nebraska
163,966 SF New
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