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Love Library

During the Don L. Love Memorial Library renovation project approximately 1,000,000 volumes of books, priceless art, and over 100 offices and work stations were relocated. This library resides on the busy, University of Nebraska - Lincoln campus and was in full operation throughout the duration of the project.
The extensive renovation includes new HVAC, fire protection and lighting systems. A new mechanical penthouse, all new exterior windows and new elevators were also integrated. The structure to support the new penthouse had to be installed through the seven levels of building, where the students maintained access to their books. New plaster ceiling soffits and ceilings were installed to replicate the historic appearance of the building. This project required our team to develop a highly detailed schedule for managing the transition of books, art, and administrative areas with minimal disruption.

Project Details

End Use:
Lincoln, Nebraska
120,000 SF Renovation
Higher Education
Construction Manager
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