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Kearney Pain Treatment Center

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Kearney Pain Treatment Center

Kearney Pain Treatment Center receives an expansion and renovation.

The Kearney Pain Center is a remodel of an existing building, extend Heartland Pain Clinic into Kearney Pain Treatment Center. It involves approximately 5,082 SF. The remodel includes the addition of an operating room, a procedure room, and pre-op rooms. It also involves the addition of new offices, a nurse’s station and consulting rooms. During the construction phase we did some upgrades to the existing wood frame building. We did a vapor barrier system on the for the floor which entailed shot blasting the entire floor then applying a floor vapor admission system, then we self-leveled the entire floor to create a level surface. During the demo phase once the exterior walls were opened up we encountered about half the building was not insulated. We brought the building back up to a R19 value. We added an additional dry sprinkler system for the attic.

Project Details

End Use:
Kearney, Nebraska
5,000 SF Renovation
Construction Manager
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