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Kawasaki Campus Additions and Expansions



Kawasaki Campus Additions and Expansions

Since 2001, Sampson Construction has partnered with Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. USA. The projects that we have partnered with Kawasaki Motors on have ranged from 240 SF to 422,239 SF and have served a variety of campus functions.
The projects on Kawasaki's campus have included administration office additions and expansions, cafeteria addition, guard house, parking lots, mechanical systems, restroom addition, and the largest square footage is for the production and assembly of rail cars. Our team has completed three projects specifically for rail cars in 2001, 2008, and recently in 2009 with a building for rail car testing. These three buildings consisted of pre-engineered buildings with unique features such as in-floor utility trenches, interior rail tracks, 12 interior overhead cranes, and fabrication area for welding and exhaust systems.

Project Details

End Use:
Lincoln, Nebraska
850,000 SF (Combined)
Construction Manager
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