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Hallam United Methodist Church

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Hallam United Methodist Church

The disastrous F4 tornado that blew through Hallam, Nebraska May 22, 2004 destroyed many community landmarks; however, our team was dedicated to ensuring that buildings were constructed as they were before the tornado. The nearly leveled Hallam United Methodist Church was rebuilt on the same site with construction complete by August 2006.

The 6,200 SF church was a welcome addition to the Hallam community. The congregation decided upon a handicap accessible single-level construction consisting of wood frames and architectural trusses. The traditional sanctuary has a sloping floor and seats up to 130 parishioners. The new building also has a fellowship hall, kitchen, offices and classrooms. A few elements were incorporated to serve as a reminder of the old building – a replica of the stained glass window destroyed by the tornado is behind the altar. The cornerstone from the 1918 building is joined by the new 2006 cornerstone. And bricks from the old church building were salvaged and used to build the bell tower which houses the original bell, found in a field a mile away from Hallam.

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Hallam, Nebraska
6,200 SF New
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