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General John J. Pershing Army Reserve Center

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General John J. Pershing Army Reserve Center

The General John J. Pershing Army Reserve Center is named after John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing, who is the only person in his lifetime to be promoted to the highest rank ever in the United States Army. This Reserve Center required that all manufactured products be from the U.S.A. and included many funding sources which held separate reporting requirements.
The 57,000 SF building was instructed to be a Build America Project, meaning that all items had to be manufactured in America and also required prevailing wages as set forth by Davis Bacon. Many requirements were made in relation to the construction process, such as a high percentage requirement for employment of minority and women owned-business. The job also required a metric system design, which created unique challenges for our team. There was an extensive lightning control system and a spacious maintenance garage with a custom designed pressure washer specifically designed to meet the contract specifications. The building also had a very extensive kitchen- you could literally feed an army out of it.

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End Use:
Lincoln, Nebraska
57,000 SF New
Design Bid Build
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