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Farm Credit Services of America Corporate Office

In 2002, Farm Credit Services of America opened their state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Nine years later, our team completed a 100,000 SF addition with many unique “green” features.

The original This project has a total of 100,000 SF between two floors and a mechanical penthouse. The penthouse consists of approximately 10,000 SF and houses all major mechanical equipment including 80 heat pumps. The lower level is comprised of an open office space, large conference room, training facilities, and a dining area. The second floor is predominately open office area surrounding a two story “main street” focal point with a curtain wall facing toward the east. Carpet, acoustic ceilings, wood panels, and a large use of color finish the interior. This building has a very high level of technology and audio visual components and utilizes an access floor system throughout.

The second The Farm Credit Services of America Office Expansion is 62,000 SF of office space over a 94 stall parking garage. The foundation consists of 286 auger cast piles, pile caps, grade beams, and CIP walls. The 1st floor structure incorporates hollow core slabs and an insulated slab over the parking space. Traditional steel and metal stud construction forms the upper levels, and a skywalk connects the new building to their existing building. The curtain wall system encloses most of the south, east, and north elevations while a detailed brick veneer pattern encloses the west. Almost all of the 62,000 SF of office area will have a 12” access floor and incorporate large open offices, atrium, and conference and training room. The project will also incorporate large aluminum sunshades on the southeast corner and exterior elevated patios. A green roof system and bamboo doors and woodwork are just a couple of items in this project to help achieve its LEED status.

Project Details

End Use:
Omaha, Nebraska
200,000 SF New (Combined)
Corporate Campus
Construction Manager
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