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Eastern Nebraska Veterans' Home

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Eastern Nebraska Veterans' Home

The Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home replaced an inadequate 1930s-era facility. This project was designed as a 120-member village with neighboring skilled nurses and medical professionals surrounding the central "Town Square" and dining area.

The Eastern Nebraska Veterans’ Home is a single story, 90-bed health care complex with a main building and three connecting wings for a total of 120,000 SF.  Unique features of this project are a forest preserve to the north of the facility and a tower bell that is 169 feet tall and a town square that is 47 feet in height.  The facility includes glulam beams and shiplap wood ceiling deck with exposed steel plates and tension rods. There are five separate storm shelters that consist of block walls with poured slab on deck tops.  The entire building contains a wet pipe sprinkler system throughout, along with a dry pipe system within the trusses.

Project Details

End Use:
Bellevue, Nebraska
120,000 SF New
Design Bid Build
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