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DEC Thermal Energy Facility

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DEC Thermal Energy Facility

The District Energy Corporation’s (DEC) new Thermal Energy Facility resides adjacent to the new Lancaster County Adult Detention facility and serves as its heating and cooling system. The facility has unique features such as bullet-proof glass, 25- and 2-ton overhead cranes, and special floor surfaces in the battery and fuel rooms.

This 25,000 SF Thermal Energy Plant houses multiple heat pumps, emergency generators and a control room with other ancillary spaces required for the function of the plant to serve Lancaster County Adult Detention Facility which was completed in January 2013. The facility includes a main level along with a 4,235 SF basement with pumps and hydronic piping and a 3,947 SF mezzanine for the air plenum intake ventilation system. The building structure is steel frame with exterior precast panels and metal panels. The interior includes mechanical spaces, restroom/locker areas, office area, overhead cranes, mezzanine, and air plenums. The exterior site work around the building includes concrete pavement drive, aprons and concrete walks.

Project Details

End Use:
Lincoln, Nebraska
25,000 SF New
Design Bid Build
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