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Baldwin Filters



Baldwin Filters

The Baldwin Filters facility nearly doubled in size with the addition of a 450,000 SF distribution center to replace the outgrown 15-year-old 110,000 SF distribution center.

In addition to the added square footage, construction resulted in more than double the number of loading docks at the facility and featured an upgraded warehouse management system to increase productivity and efficiency. 23,000 SF of floor space was dedicated to offices, a break room, locker area, maintenance and utilities. The new center features 27 foot tall ceilings which provide ample room for product storage, and sorting and distribution equipment needed to prepare shipments. Baldwin had previously rented 250,000 SF of storage space off-site. The addition brings the facility to nearly one million SF and allows for all operations, equipment and storage to be housed in one building.

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End Use:
Kearney, Nebraska
450,000 SF New
Construction Manager
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